Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

We have selected the ten best gifts for Mother’s Day 2020, which next Sunday, May 3, is celebrated in Spain. Although we will most likely remain in quarantine, your mother deserves, perhaps more so in these circumstances, a gift that will excite her and remind her that everything will be fine.

At this time, whether their work is essential and they are still going to do it every day, in healthcare, transport, the armed forces and police, basic supplies, food and basic services, pharmacies…, or whether they are teleworking or have a recoverable permit, they are still making sure that everyone at home copes with this situation as best they can. It is not superfluous to pay tribute to them by taking advantage of the fact that they have a day set aside for them on the calendar.

Best Ideas For Mother’s Day Gift

Whatever their work, their personality, tastes, passions, and hobbies, in Curiosite you will find some detail among these proposals that are distinguished by being original, cool, inspired, and inspiring.

What to give a creative mother? This diary book to tell you the story of her life is likely to be a big hit with her because it has a beautiful binding, a contemporary design, space to paste photos and other mementos, bookmark tape… It doesn’t lack detail, but the best part is that it’s a round-trip gift: once your mother completes it, you’ll want to treasure it.

The little book Mom, you’re a pain in the ass collects 50 mother’s phrases, a little homage to all the mothers in the world who for many years took care of us, looked after us, and educated us without asking anything in return. It analyzes that special variant of the language that is the mother tongue, full of common sense. Authentic epigrams that condense a pearl of timeless wisdom and that taught us to be better people. Even if sometimes we were a little crazy and didn’t understand a word they were saying.

If mom is a tea drinker with gourmet tastes, she will be thrilled with Kusmi teas: a signature that dates back to 19th century Russia and that today can be enjoyed with one of four selections of five cans of different and exquisite varieties of this infusion, such as the Prince Vladimir blend, with black tea, orange peel, bergamot, grapefruit and lime oils. The design of the cans is so beautiful and evocative, that in addition to their content, they are already a real gift in themselves.

One of the gifts for a mother that are always welcome is the large size moon lamp: it has our satellite map printed in 3D on its surface and has three different lighting modes: orange, bright white, and dim white. It includes a simple wooden stand and measures 20 centimeters in diameter. It also works with a rechargeable battery via USB (with cable included), so it does not consume batteries and is less polluting. Because she deserves you to give her the moon…

For mothers with green fingers and lovers of original and charming decoration, a nice pot with a cool design will be a sensational gift. Our selection of original pots allows you to give a change of scenery to any space without making big investments. Animal-shaped pots, inspired by Frida Kahlo, magnetic to put on the fridge door… More than 20 ideas to making your gift to mom a success.

Is there anything better than a beer that is cold to the last sip? If your mother is demanding in this sense and practices extreme similarity when it comes to enjoying her favorite drink, a double-walled chilled glass like this one made of borosilicate is the best gift. Not only does it keep the beer cold for a long time, but it will also pass mom’s test with flying colors, because she certainly doesn’t give up a stylish and contemporary design at aperitif time or when accompanying her lunch or dinner with a good handcrafted or premium beer at an ideal temperature.

For your mother who supports and works for the cause of all women, these vases designed in Barcelona by DOIY in the shape of a woman’s fist are a fantastic gift for the first Sunday of May: decorative, positive, vindictive, and supportive. 5% of the sales of these combative vases are donated to For All Womankind, an NGO that actively contributes to the empowerment of women around the world.

For mothers who telework or have to spend a few hours a day in front of the laptop, this bamboo table designed to be able to work comfortably is a very practical gift for mothers that will make life a little easier. Bamboo is a very strong, eco-friendly, and durable material that provides a stable base for your laptop, with ventilation holes, a built-in mouse pad, a cable port, and a small storage tray. In addition to being functional, its design is stylish.

Your mother does not know everything she knows by infused science, but because she is a great reader. So that she can read comfortably whether she is at her desk, on the sofa, or the bed, this cushion-tray is a great help for those who read it more than a passion, because it avoids holding heavy books and fits any posture, angle, or surface. At home, outdoors, on the beach, or by the pool, this innovative lectern will allow mom to concentrate on her reading as she likes.

To relax and unwind, there is nothing like activity as focused on full attention as putting together a puzzle. And more this puzzle of the map of the moon’s surface. Perfect for giving Mommy’s brain a well-deserved break before she stops caring about others and taking care of herself. 500 pieces and 48 centimeters in diameter once completed. For her, it will not be a challenge but a beautiful escape valve.

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