Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts

Do you want to give a gift to dad on March 19th? Your father probably doesn’t smoke or wear a tie, so what better than to choose an original Father’s Day gift that fits his hobbies and tastes, is practical for him to use every day, or allows him to enjoy his free time more? Here is our selection of ten ideas that will help you choose an effortless gift that you’ll be sure to get right from CSYZ.

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The Best Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2020

The booklet Dad, you’re a pain in the ass is a great Father’s Day gift: the most original way to say “I love you” to your father with a sense of humor. 27 illustrations and a lot of fathers’ phrases that overcome the barriers of several generations: dad will swell up laughing recognizing himself in those “commonplaces” that make our parents more human. Very cool design and content: because father there is no more one …

Does your father like beer? Is he an experimenter? Then a perfect gift for him is the kit to brew his own beer at home and on tap. It’s not just any beer, far from it… It’s German beer and there are three kinds to choose from: lager, pilsner, or wheat. It is very easy to prepare and in one week you can taste it by serving it directly from the barrel, which can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. Dad will enjoy a fresh beer with the satisfaction of having brewed it himself, what more could he ask for?

Father's Day Gift Ideas Reddit 2020

A practical and sustainable Father’s Day gift is the reusable Rocketbook Fusion notebook/agenda/planner – you won’t waste any more paper or misplace your notes. It has seven-page styles for organizing tasks, weekly schedule, monthly planning, and more. Its 43 acrylic pages allow you to write, draw and erase as many times as you want -and correct as you like, easily and without erasures-, then everything you want to keep is scanned from an app and uploaded to the cloud services your parent usually uses. It is available in two sizes: A5 and A4. Gift.

This book for your father to tell you his life story is a two-way street: once he completes it, you will want to read it and keep it. With a very careful binding and a clean, simple, and contemporary design, it has been specially created for Dad to remember, write, and share. Divided into four thematic blocks, it poses questions for your father to fill in and also includes spaces for pasting photos and other memories.

Practical gifts are always a good idea; if your father is skillful and likes to make his own arrangements when necessary, he’ll find this retro-style truck that comes in a screwdriver box (ten bits, a handle, and four precision screwdrivers) very useful. Compact, tidy, and with a very cool design. Check out this video

The limited Leonardo edition of the life-long pencil created by Pininfarina will be a gift for daddy that is both innovative and classic in equal parts. Made of solid maple wood, the tip is made of Ethergraph, a material developed by the Italian design firm that leaves on the paper an indelible and fine line similar to that of a pencil. This special metal alloy is inspired by the silvertip that Leonardo da Vinci used to draw his engineering projects. It includes an elegant desk stand that makes it a real luxury object that you can use for many, many years and leave as a legacy to those who deserve it 🙂

Is there anything better than a beer that is cold to the last sip? If your father is demanding in this sense and practices extreme similarity when it comes to enjoying his favorite drink, a double-walled chilled glass like this one made of borosilicate is the best gift. Not only does it keep the beer cold for a long time, but it will also pass the test with flying colors for parents who don’t want to give up a stylish and contemporary design at aperitif time or when accompanying their lunch or dinner with a good artisan or premium beer at an ideal temperature.

The retro flavor of accessories from the British firm Gentlemen’s Hardware will charm your father, especially if he has a dandy spirit… They are practical accessories that are stored in carefully designed metal or wooden boxes with an unmistakable vintage air: to clean the trainers or shoes, get a manicure, keep the bike ready and repaired, prepare perfect cocktails or go out well equipped on their trips to the countryside. They are very stylish, durable, and functional Father’s Day gifts.

Among Alma’s editorial gamebooks of wit and logic you will find more than one great gift idea for Father’s Day. Riddles, puzzles, police enigmas, created to stimulate lateral thinking, to keep the neurons active… A gift for your father to give to the center and that will guarantee him hours of entertainment demonstrating his capacity of deduction, his perspicacity, and the good state in which he maintains his brain.

The Miss Miserable mug with a message expressly designed for parents will succeed if your parent has a sense of humor… With the phrase in white over black “Dad, you’re a pain” printed on the front, it will be a way of communicating with him that will bring out his best smile.

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